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About us

Founded in the year 1820 by Wilhelm Heitmann, today the company is lead in the fifth and sixth generation by Nadine and Gerolt Heitmann. Over these almost 200 years of family tradition a strong bond has established between the company and the customers.

Following the changes of times the product range and the company structure have changed repeatedly over this long period of time. Had the focus once been on the tannery and the sale of leather products, it has now shifted to the wholesale of hair-on skins and skin products.

Although the company structure had to follow the demands of the markets, the philosophy remained the same over the generations: Only high grade products of constant quality and the willingness to communicate can guarantee satisfied customers.

These days the environmental consciousness is one of the major issues. The environmental friendliness of the products and the processes is assured by periodical controls.

As a modern enterprise with lean structures and responsible employees the company Heitmann Felle faces the demands of the new century.

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