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About us

Founded in 1820 by Wilhelm Heitmann, today the company is managed by Nadine Heitmann - already in the 6th generation.

This 200-year-old family tradition connects the company closely with its customers, often over many decades.

Following the changing times, the product range and corporate structure changed several times over the course of 200 years.

Formerly the tannery as well as the production and distribution of leather products were in the foreground, today the wholesale of fur and fur products can be found here.

Even though the concept of the company was adapted ahead of time to the requirements of the market, the philosophy remained the same across generations:

Only high-quality goods of consistent quality and the constant readiness for dialogue guarantee satisfied customers.

"As the managing director of a 200-year-old family business, I attach great importance to our customers being able to rely on us, which also requires consistent quality that meets the highest standards," explains Nadine Heitmann.

That is why Heitmann Felle regularly carries out tests on pollutants; numerous products from the sales program are already Oeko-Tex certified.

As a modern company with a lean management structure and responsible employees, the traditional company Heitmann Felle looks forward to the requirements of the still young century.

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