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For more and more people, the issues of health, sustainability and environmental compatibility are becoming increasingly important in their lifestyle.

This also includes the use of sustainable natural products with a clear origin, such as our real lambskins, which are produced as a by-product in the production of food. In this way, a farm animal can be fully utilized and real furs are also biodegradable; they can completely decompose into their constituent parts at the end of their use.

The Heitmann Felle company is a responsible German company with a 200-year family tradition in the field of decorative furs and baby products that are sold under the "Eisbärchen" brand. The materials used here are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 and therefore guarantee a healthy environment for the babies.

Careful and certified tanning processes for lamb and cow skins ensure reduced environmental pollution and tested ingredients for the benefit of the health of the user.

In addition to the well-known health-promoting properties, lambskins cause increased well-being due to their naturalness and the knowledge of their sustainability. They convey the feeling of a good life in a healthy environment.

Our real lambskins are a statement for the sustainability of natural materials in contrast to artificial fur made from the petroleum product plastic, the disadvantages of which are well known.

We prefer to work with partner companies and suppliers who can provide evidence of valuable certifications, such as BSCI and WRAP.

The amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, or amfori BSCI for short, is a program of the business association amfori to improve social standards in a global value chain. The organization, based in Brussels, offers commercial enterprises the option of adopting or following a code of conduct as well as a systematic monitoring and qualification system.

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, or WRAP for short, is another globally recognized independent certification program. The program monitors and certifies production under legal, humane and ethical conditions.

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