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Baby lambskins

The tanning agent "Relugan" produces a metal-free, robust and at the same time soft lambskin that is very easy to wash. It is a synthetic tanning agent which, thanks to its own color, gives the skin its characteristic golden-beige color.

Relugan tanning is also known as "medical" tanning, as these skins have established themselves for applications in the medical field.

Cosy and warm, hygienic and recommended by doctors. It makes your baby feel comfortable. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

An especially gentle tanning method preserves the characteristics of the natural lambskin.

Periodical examinations, analyses and controls performed by neutral institutes guarantee an immaculate quality product.

Baby lambskins

  • hairlength: sheared to approx. 30 mm
  • colour: gold-beige
Item No.size (skin) approx.size (leather) approx.
91075 - 85 cm70 - 80 cm
91185 - 95 cm80 - 90 cm
91295 - 105 cm90 - 100 cm
Single packaging in a polybag with printed advertising sheet for an additional charge.

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